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"Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew. They're what make the instrument stretch — what make you go beyond the norm." — Cicely Tyson

On The H.E.R Blog, we intend to provide a space where women feel safe, secure and understood. From the different lives we lead and experiences we will share, we hope it will diminish the worries that we face our battles alone. Within this space, we will hear the stories of dynamic women, encourage their growth in spite of their hardships and restore their faith in themselves and their dreams. 

Meet H.E.R Founder

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As a recent college graduate and aspiring entrupreneur, Alaysha is aware that the world is her oyster. Unimaginable opportunities lie awaiting for her and she is ready (and willing) to receive them. However, there was one opportunity in which she feels she herself, as well as many other women do not get the chance to have: to tell their stories. 

Growing up in relatively small town, Alaysha always wanted the chance to share the stories of the inspirational and exceptional of her family, friends, and neighbors. Specifically, the women. From her mother, to her grandmothers, aunts and cousins, the women in Alaysha's life have been a driving force for her for 22 years. Providing her with a shoulder to cry on, a ready ear meant for listening, and a plethora of hilarious and heartfelt stories to that provide clarity on the life-changing decisions she has to make. 

She would share those same stories with her friends, giving them the same encouragement and advice in which she was given by the women before her. However, she realized her second-hand story telling was not doing their wisdom justice nor was it truly giving a  that there are many stories by many women that have not yet been heard. Thus, The H.E.R Blog was born. 

There are experiences that many women go through but never get the opportunity or the space to share them. Whether they seek reassurance that what they are experiencing is not a battle they face alone or celebrate the accolades they have worked so hard to to obtain, their experiences are buried underneath the mountains of social, emotional, and physical burdens they carry. In seeing and experiencing this herself, Alaysha wanted to create a space in which women could share the good, the bad, and the ugly in which they have endured. 


We believe in H.E.R. We are for H.E.R. 

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